How to Create a Vision Board to Visualize Goals

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Vision Board

The law of attraction is a powerful law. It helps us to adapt our lives to our wishes and dreams and to manifest them. The visualization of the goal plays an important part in this, and a vision board is one of the best tools to visualize them.

Most people find it difficult to portray targets visually. This may be due to the fact that visions are difficult to grasp. Particularly with visions that are not purely materialistic. However, visualization is necessary in order to be able to apply the law of attraction correctly. What is the best way to visualize goals and visions?

Fortunately, there are some tools that can help us. One of them is the vision board. It is much more than just a simple collection of cut-out pictures or newspaper articles. Why you also need a vision board and how to create one will be shown to you now.

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What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a physical visualization of your goals and dreams. It helps you to pursue your life goals more consistently. To do so, it constantly reminds you of your life goals and dreams. That’s why it is often called dream board, goal board or visualization board.

Vision boards are super useful because they utilize the power of priming on a daily basis.

There are no explicit rules on what such a vision board should look like. What belongs on your board is up to you. This is also one of the reasons why goal boards are so valuable. They force us to make and prioritize decisions.

Each vision board is therefore different. Not only because we have different handicrafts, but rather because we all pursue individual goals in life and have our own kind of visualization.

So let’s summarize: Your dream board helps you pursue your goals better by forcing you to make decisions, visualizing your dreams and regularly reminding you of your life goals.

What is a vision board?

Make a Decision

Space on the vision board is limited, that’s why we have to make decisions. We have to go inside ourselves and think about what is really important to us in life. Even if you create several vision boards, you will always have a lack of space when designing the board. This way you will only put the most important things on your board.

Your dream board is not just a simple collage or collection of images. Although it may sound simple, the fact that you have to make a decision is an extreme advantage. It helps you not only to focus, but also to define your life goal. So if you’re not sure exactly what you want yet, the vision board can be a good tool to narrow down your vision a bit.

For example, you can place the picture of your dream car on your board. However, if you are not satisfied with the picture of the car itself, you can think about what your dream car would look like, and then create it from smaller snippets.

You will see for yourself what visually represents your vision best. By creating your vision board, questions will arise that you may not have thought of. In any case, you will exclude things that are not important to you personally, or that do not visualize your vision the way you think is right. So feel free to choose the visualization for your vision that best suits your needs.

The goal board is not just a tool. It’s much more. The goal board does not only visually represent your vision, it also has a big impact on your way defining it and how you imagine it. Choose quotes and images you personally like best. These are the ones you will also remember the fastest. Thus, your dream board also helps you to strengthen your vision.

Visualize Your Dreams

As we have already mentioned several times: Your vision board should do one thing above all. Visualize. There are two reasons why visualizing your vision is so important:

On the one hand, due to the law of attraction. On the other hand, because of our mind. Our mind is the most powerful weapon we possess. Since it cannot distinguish between reality and imagination, it prepares our body in advance for certain actions, even if we only think about them. Thus, from your brain’s perspective, the visualization of the goals is already very close to reality.

Our brain prepares our body for the actions ahead. It already thinks through the process and sends signals to the rest of the body to perform the actions.

So if you imagine driving a sports car, your head is going to prepare your body for that. Your attention span increases, you get hyper-focus and a better response time as your body is prepared to drive at top speeds.

Ideally, you have chosen the images and quotes in such a way that your visionboard speaks a very clear language. It must be obvious at first glance, without thinking too much, what vision you are pursuing. Visualizing your vision is in most cases not as easy as you might think. Take your time to put together the right pictures and quotes.

Besides making a vision board, there are other ways to visualize your goals. Since the vision board is easy to create and does not take much time, we think it is best suited for beginners.

Create a vision board

Be Persistent

Great things take time and effort. Rome wasn’t built in a day. As soon as you want to change something in your life, you will need willpower and time, but above all, you need to be persistent.

You have to stick to your goals to reach them. Work continuously and hard on your mind, body, and spirit. Only then will you be able to manifest your life goals. Your dream board can help you do just that.

To remember your vision optimally, you must think of a location where you can hang up your visionboard best. Ideally, place it somewhere in your house or apartment where you pass by several times a day. This will help you to stay consistent.

You can put it in front of the bed, in the hallway to the bathroom or in the kitchen next to the coffee machine. Hang it up visibly so that you can look at it every time you walk by.

You can also start by taking four to five minutes a day to look at your board. However, when you take this time depends on your daily rhythm. From our point of view, the following two times are ideally suited for this: In the morning before you go to work or in the evening before you go to bed.

If you want to start the day in a good mood and full of energy, check out your goal board in the morning. It will help you to align your goals for today with your life goals. You will feel more productive and valuable as you actively work towards your goals in life.

In the evening, on the other hand, it is better to reflect on the day that has elapsed. You can go inside yourself and ask: What has actually happened today? How did I get closer to my goal?

As so often, there are several ways to be successful. Just try out what works best for you and let us know in the comments.

Here is a brief summary of why you should make a vision board:

  • The limited space for attaching pictures and newspaper clippings ensures that we make our decision.
  • It forces us to narrow our goals down.
  • By visualizing our visions we stimulate our mind and send positive signals to our environment. So, according to the law of attraction, we attract our dreams.
  • It reminds us what we’re working on.
  • When we look at our board, we feel more motivated than before.

How to make a vision board

How to Make a Vision Board

Now that we’ve covered why you should create a vision board, we’ll show you how to make such a collage yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started today!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s get started!

1) Plan Your Vision Board

If you want your vision board to be as good as possible, take a little time and think about what it should actually say. If you already defined your goals, even better!

Set Your Vision

Ideally, you’ve already done that. If not, here are some suggestions in which direction your vision can go:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Love
  • Health
  • Values
  • Improvement of your skills
  • Leisure / Hobbies

After you have set your life goal, start planning what to put on your vision board. Your board must deliver a clear message. It can only do that if your vision (life goal) is well-defined.

How Many Vision Boards

After you have defined your vision and completed the direction of your board, we now come to the number of boards you should make. There are all sorts of different visionboards. Each one is individually designed and follows a different philosophy.

Some people make several smaller vision boards to be able to display one vision per collage. Others prefer to create one large vision board to bring all wishes and goals together in one place.

Keep in mind that this decision may also depend on the space available in your house or apartment. There’s no point creating a big vision board if you can’t hang it anywhere because you don’t have enough space.

What Do You Put on a Vision Board

Images should be the main component of your dream board. You can also use motivating quotes or slogans, but pictures are better if you want to visualize something clearly.

Where do you get the content you’re going to put on your board? Here are some possibilities:

  • Pictures/quotes from the internet
  • Newspaper
  • Journals and magazines
  • Pictures you took
  • Quotations or pages from a book

You should also consider how exactly you want to place the content on the board. It’s up to you if you want to make your vision board neat or chaotic. Especially if you want to cut out pictures or quotes from magazines or magazines properly, scissors may not always be the best solution. For this purpose, we recommend stencil knives.

Buy The Necessary Equipment

2) Buy the Necessary Equipment

After reading the first chapter carefully, you should have made a decision on the following points: Your vision, how many boards you want to make and how the content of each vision board should look like.

If this is the case, we can now proceed to the next step. For making such a collage yourself, you will need the right materials. Just write down a short shopping list.

This is what it could look like:

  • The Board – You need a board to attach your content. Ideally, you should use a cork board or a board of carton. These can be found in every common DIY store. Pay attention to color and size.
  • Glue – You may also need glue to put your stuff on the board. In this case, use a removable adhesive if you want to restructure your goal board.
  • Cutting tool – Scissors are suitable for cutting. If you want to be more precise, you should use a stencil knife.
  • Content – If you need to buy content, such as magazines or books, add them to your shopping list.
  • Decoration – If you want to give your board a personal touch, you are welcome to do so with decorative accessories. Ideally, you take something with a visual statement. For example, if you’re looking for love, you can place decorative hearts on the edge of your dream board.
  • If you are running out of money: You can find some great exchange and gift exchanges on the Internet, where you can certainly get these utensils for free. Just have a look at craigslist, maybe someone is currently giving away a big cork board or stencil knives.

Don’t forget that you might have to print out pictures and quotes that you downloaded from the Internet. So you better check again if you have enough cartridges at home. Especially if you want to print in color. Such copies require lots of ink.

Create your vision board

3) Create Your Vision Board

The beauty of a visionboard is that it is a “do-it-yourself” collage. That’s why it appears much more personal and expresses something very individual. It really doesn’t make any sense to buy one. Building a vision board is lots of fun too!

Basically, your dream board only has to do one thing: mirror YOUR vision for YOU.

It doesn’t matter how the vision board delivers this message. It’s up to you. The main thing is that the vision you are pursuing is clearly visible to you.

So be a little more creative. After all, it is your very personal goal board.

Don’t worry if your board is “too tidy” or “too chaotic”. How your board looks at the end also depends on your character traits. If you are a very direct and pragmatic person, your vision board will turn out accordingly. Don’t worry, just tell the story how you like it best.

Let us now come to the practical part. Begin with the content. Choose the content you want on your board. Start to prepare and coordinate it. This avoids conflicting messages or duplicate content on your goal board. Again, pay attention to the connection of your content to your vision.

Every picture and every saying must have a reference to your goal. Look at each detail / piece individually. What do you feel when you look at it? Do you see your vision in the picture or the quote? If yes: Put it on the board!

Of course, you can also create your vision board online. Solutions like PowerPoint, Keynote or Photoshop are a good possibility. So you shouldn’t have a problem creating a vision board online these days.

However, we think that a physical board makes much more sense. With a handmade board, you feel closer to your goals because you can touch them.

I Created My Vision Board, What Now?

Vision Boards are very easy to maintain. Put it somewhere in your house or apartment where you see it every day. It is a very powerful motivator that will constantly remind you of your goals and visions. In difficult times full of failures, the board will make you aware why you are actually fighting this battle.

See the vision board as a gift to yourself. If at some point you get to the stage where you no longer perceive it, you can do two things. Either you hang it up somewhere else in your apartment or you take 10 minutes a day and actively look at it.


Dream boards are wonderful because you only have to create them once. Once set up and hung up, you don’t have to invest any more time. The only thing you might want to do is exchange certain images or quotes. But all in all, maintaining it is not very time-consuming. Just hang it up and you’re done.

Vision boards are a great way to follow your dreams – learn what else you can do to improve yourself and subscribe to our free newsletter, right below.

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