The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) +5 Tips How to Open It

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Throat Chakra Symbol

The throat chakra (Sanskrit: Vishuddha) is the 5th chakra of the 7 chakras. Above all, it represents your communication with others. If you have a hard time finding the right words or are often misunderstood, it’s evident that your throat chakra is blocked and needs healing.

This article will explain the meaning of the throat chakra and its effect on your body and mind when it is blocked or overactive. We then show you five practical tips to open and cleanse your throat chakra.

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What Is the Meaning of the Throat Chakra?

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The throat chakra, also called Vishuddha, is the 5th chakra of the 7 main chakras. As the name suggests, it’s located in the throat area, at the level of the larynx, and acts as an energetic bridge between your head and the rest of your body. 

Vishuddha is Sanskrit and means purity or clarity. Purity and clarity, especially in your communication and general expression.

The color blue symbolizes the 5th chakra. In symbolism, blue stands for coldness, but it also has a calming effect on people. Figuratively speaking, this calming effect can be a result of your communication. In other words: your charisma and your interaction with others are calming to those around you.

When your throat chakra is in balance, the way you speak to others is pure, clear, and calming.

The element ether is another symbol for the throat chakra. Ether is not an actual element that you can touch but is purely philosophical. It stands for “the essential” or “the most important” in every respect. Regarding the throat chakra, “the essential” refers to your communication. 

It’s about “getting to the point” when you speak and focus on the essentials in your communication.

You will find another, different definition of the element ether in the Indian elemental teachings, where ether is called Akasha.

The term communication includes expression, thoughtfulness, and empathy. Furthermore, the ability to integrate into conversations, choice of words, gestures, and facial expressions.

Vishuddha is all about how you share your thoughts and feelings with yourself and with others. This also includes listening. Thus, it’s obvious that the sense of hearing is the one that represents the throat chakra.

When Is the Throat Chakra Blocked?

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A lack of balance in the throat chakra can have various consequences. Both physically and mentally. As you may know, each chakra can be overactive as well as underactive. Both conditions are equally harmful to you.

To determine whether your throat chakra is blocked and underactive, you must first look inside yourself. Be thoughtful and honest with yourself. Have you noticed any abnormalities in your communication with others in the past days or weeks?

Here are a few examples of what these abnormalities might look like:

  • You talk too much.
  • You struggle to get to the point.
  • You often say things you don’t mean.
  • You talk too loud.
  • You talk too quietly.
  • You lie.
  • You have trouble expressing your ideas correctly.
  • You are often misunderstood.

Other (physical) signs of a blocked throat chakra can be:

  • Pain in the throat.
  • Sore throat.
  • Problems with your teeth.
  • Inflammation of the throat.
  • Shoulder pain.

If you talk too much, your throat chakra is overactive. If you talk too little, it’s underactive. Like we said, both states are not necessarily beneficial. In the worst case, they can lead to emotional and inner restlessness or even loneliness.

Yet, where does an underactive throat chakra come from? It’s common that other chakras, such as the solar plexus chakra or root chakra, are reasons for the throat chakra’s blockage.

Imagine your body like a water pipe. Water being the energy that circulates through your body. The pipe stretches from top to bottom, all the way through your body. The chakras lie on this pipe. If the underlying solar plexus chakra or root chakra disrupts the energy flow upwards, this can lead to a throat chakra blockage. 

The same goes for the chakras that lie above the Vishuddha. If you want to open your third eye chakra, you must make sure that your throat chakra isn’t blocked or out of balance. Therefore, it’s essential that you open, cleanse and heal your chakras equally.

Other reasons for a blockage can be traumas and other formative incidents from the past. Bullying in childhood can develop into introversion, for example. This introversion, in turn, leads to a blocked throat chakra. 

5 Tips on How to Open the Throat Chakra

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There are many ways to open and heal your throat chakra. In the next chapter, we will discuss the most effective ones. If you are looking for more general tips on how to open your chakras, check out our article on this topic.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Meditation

If you want to heal your chakras, there’s no way around meditation. It’s a very effective, if not the most effective, method to open your throat chakra.

Throat chakra meditation is one of many types of meditation. In this particular meditation, you stabilize the energy flow between your head and the rest of your body. You also release inner energetic blockages in your throat chakra. 

First, concentrate on the part of the body where the throat chakra is located. In this case, your throat. 

Put yourself in a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes. Focus on your breath, and take a few deep breaths. Feel how your chest and throat move and expand with each breath.

Then, imagine your throat chakra as a blue ball of energy, glowing in your throat. If you lose yourself in your thoughts, gently direct your focus back to your breath. Mantras (more information on this in the next chapter) are an incredibly effective addition to your throat chakra meditation. 

If you would like to learn more about chakra meditation, take a look at our article.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Mantra

As mentioned above, mantras are beneficial for your throat chakra. Mainly because you have to chant Mantras to activate them. They stimulate your throat and pharynx and create vibrations while you chant them. Since the throat chakra is located in the throat, it responds incredibly well to mantras.

Depending on the chakra, you need to chant different mantras to achieve healing. If you want to open your throat chakra, use the mantra “HAM”. The “HAM” mantra is the so-called Bija Mantra of the throat chakra. Bija Mantras are seed mantras or “the voice of the chakra“. They are incredibly effective because they produce vibrations and frequencies that match those of the chakras when chanted.

Try it out for yourself: Sit comfortably on the floor for a few minutes. Now chant the word “HAM” out loud for five seconds. While chanting, divide “HAM” into two sounds: “HA” and “M”. Try pronouncing the “M” longer than the “HA”. 

Here is a video that can help you find the rhythm in mantra singing:

You can also use other mantras for the throat chakra to open it. It doesn’t have to be “HAM”.

Whether you believe in Bija Mantras or not is up to you. We think that mantras during meditation are useful, especially for beginners. Mantras calm your mind because they give it something to do. Even if it is just the simple and monotonous repetition of the same sound, you will find yourself more focused and lose yourself in your thoughts less often. It will make it easier for you to stay in the moment.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Crystals and Stones

The color blue

Crystals and stones are believed to have a healing effect on chakras. Especially in the field of energy work, they enjoy a good reputation. Like the other chakras, the throat chakra has stones and crystals with which it resonates best. 

If you are looking for healing crystals and stones for the throat chakra, look for any blue stones. Here are some examples:

  • Blue topaz.
  • Opal.
  • Aquamarine.
  • Chalcedony.
  • Larimar.

However, the healing effect of the stones is only partially or not at all confirmed. According to the energy work theory, crystals and stones that you place on your body cause vibrations. These vibrations are supposed to stimulate the throat chakra into opening and release energy blocks.

Another theory is that crystals and stones release healing energy that your body absorbs. Place some stones mentioned above and distribute them in your house. Ideally, you should distribute them in those areas of the home where you spend most time.

However, these theories and their effectiveness are, at best, partially confirmed. Try them yourself and decide if you find them useful or not. 

For example, you can hold a healing stone in your hands during meditation and then check if you could see a difference in the meditation effectiveness.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Oils

Another method of opening the Vishuddha is oils. Minty fragrances, which provide clarity and purity, are particularly suitable because the throat chakra also stands for purity and clarity.

For the Vishuddha, look for the following oils or ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus.
  • Sage.
  • Laurel.
  • Camphor.
  • Peppermint.
  • Lavender.
  • Roman chamomile.
  • Manuka.

Apply the oils to the neck and throat area to have an optimal effect on the Vishuddha chakra. It’s best to try different oils and decide for yourself if they help you open the throat chakra.

We at Mindmonia see oils merely as accelerators for other methods.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Affirmations

The fifth and last of our tips are affirmations. Affirmations are phrases that you repeat regularly to direct your subconscious mind in a desired direction. 

Good examples of throat chakra affirmations are:

  • I express myself clearly.
  • I always tell the truth.
  • I speak at the right volume.
  • I speak at the right speed.

It’s important that you phrase the affirmations positively, actively, and in the present tense so that your mind can perceive and process them as affirmations.

Unlike mantras, you speak affirmations and do not sing them. Probably the most significant difference between a mantra and an affirmation is the origin. Mantras are, but do not have to be, sacred (and religious) sentences and words, while affirmations have a motivational character.

Another difference is the frequency. You usually say affirmations several times a day in between and repeat them only a few times. Mantras, on the other hand, are chanted mainly during meditation for the entire period of meditation. 


The throat chakra (Vishuddha) is the 5th chakra of the 7 main chakras. It’s located on the larynx and symbolizes your communication and general expression. It’s also often seen as the energetic connection between your head and the rest of your body.

If the throat chakra is blocked, you will have problems expressing yourself appropriately. You will speak too softly or too loudly, use the wrong words, lie, and often be misunderstood. Your empathy will also suffer from such a blockage, and you will have difficulties in engaging in conversations appropriately.

Quite often, you will interrupt or drown out others. This may lead to loneliness in the long run, and you may have problems maintaining relationships with others or making new friends.

To cleanse, open, and heal your throat chakra, we recommend meditation and mantras. Both methods can be combined and complemented with crystals, stones, oils, and affirmations. It’s also vital that you regularly work on your throat chakra and don’t leave the other chakras out. 

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