The 3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) + 5 Tips How to Open It

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3rd Eye Chakra Symbol

The 3rd eye chakra, also called the brow chakra or Ajna, is the 6th chakra of the 7 chakras. It plays a role in your health but is especially important for maintaining the balance between body and mind. The third eye chakra is also seen as the connection between your consciousness and the physical world.

Therefore, it’s all the more important that you know the meaning and benefits of an open 3rd eye chakra.

In this article, we will first explain some basics before going into the symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra. Then we will show you practical tips and methods to open and cleanse your Ajna.

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What Is the Meaning of the 3rd Eye Chakra?

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The 3rd eye chakra is the 6th chakra of the 7 chakras and is symbolized by the element spirit. It’s also one of the highest chakras, and only the crown chakra is above it. 

The third eye chakra has many names. Here are some of the most famous ones:

  • Forehead chakra.
  • Brow chakra.
  • 6th chakra.
  • 3rd eye.
  • Aura.

The names “brow chakra” and “forehead chakra” indicate the location of the chakra. It is located on your forehead, between your two eyebrows, to be more precise.

Ajna” is the name of the chakra in Sanskrit and when translated it means “command” or “instruction“.

The forehead chakra’s color is indigo, a mixture of blue and violet. The color got its name from the indigo plant from which the color is extracted.

To help you better understand the meaning of the 3rd eye chakra, we must explain the concept of the 3rd eye first. The third eye is a (religious) concept that stretches across different cultures. It is an integral part of Hinduism, Taoism, and other religions. 

The 3rd eye is your aura, and according to theory, everyone has a third eye, but not everyone can open it. It requires a lot of practice and dedication to do so.

Imagine it like a muscle that you can train. While you strengthen your biceps or chest muscles by lifting weights, you train your 3rd eye mainly through meditation, yoga, and other (spiritual) practices. Visualization is also a good exercise.

The 3rd eye, when opened, allows you to see things from another dimension. Your two physical eyes are for the earthly and the 3rd eye for the supernatural. It’s the connection between the real world and the surreal. Many see it as a bridge to transcendence and higher consciousness.

Your third eye also provides inner vision and intuition and is open when the connection between your body and mind is at its strongest. Telepathy and other concepts, such as receiving messages from the future or past, are also associated with the third eye.

Yet, how is the third eye related to the brow chakra? 

It’s unclear whether the brow chakra and the third eye are the same term. We at Mindmonia believe that they are. Mainly, the meaning of the third eye in the scriptures largely coincides with that of the brow chakra. The name “3rd eye chakra” alone suggests that they are the same.

The 3rd Eye and the Pineal Gland

Ajna and the pineal gland are often seen together. The pineal gland is a part of the brain that secretes and controls particular (not all) hormones. It regulates your “inner clock”, your sleep, and is responsible for your intuition.

From a medical point of view, the pineal gland’s most important function by far is the role it plays in the aging process. While you sleep, the pineal gland regenerates cell damage and directly influences how fast you age. Thus, if the function of the pineal gland slows down, you age more quickly. In medical circles, an underactive pineal gland is called “calcified”. If you open or activate your pineal gland, you “decalcify” it.

You can activate or “decalcify” your pineal gland in many ways. Meditation and yoga are just some of the many options you have. 

Yet is there a difference between activating the pineal gland and opening the 3rd eye chakra? 

Yes, activating the pineal gland and opening the 6th chakra are often named together, although they are two completely different processes. Activating the pineal gland is a biological-chemical reaction in the body, while opening the chakras is more of a spiritual-psychological process. 

The reason why the two are referred together is simple: they often activate at the same time. When you open your 3rd eye chakra, you often also activate your pineal gland.  

When Is the 3rd Eye Chakra Blocked?

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As mentioned above, the 3rd eye chakra opens when the connection between your body and mind is strongest. To manifest that connection, you must first deal with your other chakras. For example, if your heart chakra is blocked, you won’t be able to open your 3rd eye chakra.

An open third eye chakra is one of the final stages of your spiritual journey. It stands for peace of mind, intuition, inner guidance, clarity, and inspiration. Those who believe in Ajna’s spiritual aspects will also associate this chakra with telepathy, time travel, and other paranormal things. 

Here are some examples of when your 3rd eye chakra is blocked:

  • You don’t feel your spiritual connection or only weakly.
  • You don’t believe in spirituality.
  • You feel inner restlessness.
  • You feel uncomfortable in your body.
  • Your body and mind are not in balance.
  • You only accept and believe in things that you can measure analytically.
  • You feel mentally uncomfortable.
  • You suffer from a lack of concentration.

Physically, a blocked 3rd eye chakra mainly manifests itself in:

  • Headaches.
  • Migraines.
  • Eye pain.
  • Cold.
  • Sinusitis.

5 Tips on How to Open the 3rd Eye Chakra

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Opening the third eye chakra is not easy. If you have never dealt with this topic before, you should first read our practical guide on how to open your 7 chakras.

At this point, it’s important to underline that the third eye chakra is mainly dependent on the other (underlying) chakras. According to the chakra teachings, it’s crucial to maintain a general balance between all seven primary chakras. However, as this chakra symbolizes the connection between body and mind, it’s especially dependent on the five lower chakras. 

3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) Meditation

If you already reached the 3rd eye chakra in your energetic cleansing process, then you certainly know meditation. If you don’t, feel free to have a look at our detailed article on meditation.

The concept of meditation is versatile. There are many use cases, such as chakra meditation, where you meditate to open a specific chakra. For the 3rd eye chakra, there are also several special types of meditation to open your 3rd eye chakra.

Here is a short instruction:

  • First, get into a comfortable sitting position or lie down. 
  • Now close your eyes. 
  • Focus on your breath and calm it down with some deep breaths.
  • Direct your attention to the area between your eyes (forehead). 
  • Think of your forehead chakra as an indigo-colored energy ball shining between your eyes. 
  • Visualize the energy that the chakra emits as colored stripes that appear in front of your inner eye.

As soon as you notice that you get lost in your thoughts or that you can’t visualize your brow chakra, gently redirect your focus back to your breathing. Calm your breathing and try to imagine your 3rd eye again. You mustn’t try to stop your thoughts. This is simply not possible and even counterproductive. 

Mantras can also be helpful. The Bija Mantra (especially helpful for the 7 chakras) of the 3rd eye chakra is “OM”.

You won’t be able to open your third eye overnight, though. It takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work to reach this state.

3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) Crystals and Stones

Chakra Stone

As already mentioned in several of our chakra articles, there are special (healing) stones and crystals that positively affect each chakra. Since the color indigo symbolizes Ajna, it responds particularly well to the following stones and crystals:

  • Fluorite.
  • Azurite.
  • Sodalite.
  • Lapis lazuli.
  • Amethyst.
  • Hawk’s eye.

You can use any of the stones and crystals mentioned above to enhance other methods of opening the third eye chakra further. You can hold the stones in your hand while meditating or decorate your house with them, for example. 

Nevertheless, scientific studies have not yet confirmed whether and how stones and crystals help cleanse your brow chakra. One possible explanation is the placebo effect, where the sole idea of healing triggers the actual healing. Another theory which isn’t confirmed either is the theory of vibrations. 

The vibrations theory says that the stones, after you place them on your skin, cause vibrations that produce healing powers in the chakra.

Ultimately it depends on who you ask. Some people report that they achieved good results with healing stones, while others claim the opposite. It’s best to try it for yourself and decide how effective you think they are. 

3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) Oils

Oils are, similar to stones, helpful accelerators for the energetic healing process. As you may know, each chakra has a sense with which it is particularly connected to. The sense of smell, for example, is the root chakra’s sense. That means, in simple words: the effectiveness of oils varies from chakra to chakra.

No matter how you use them, each oil has different effects on each of your chakras. They can be particularly effective for some chakras and completely useless for others. That’s why it’s best to try them out for yourself.

You can use the following oils and aromas for the brow chakra:

  • Aloe wood.
  • Jasmine.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Mint.
  • Lemongrass.
  • Basil.
  • Rosemary.
  • Juniper.

How to use: Apply the oil on your forehead or meditate with essential oils.

3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) Affirmations

Affirmations are a popular method to open and release energetic blockages in almost every chakra. While phrasing them, concentrate on the values and meaning of the chakra you want to cleanse. 

Here are some examples for the 3rd eye chakra:

  • I understand myself.
  • I understand my mind.
  • I understand my body.
  • I hear my inner voice.
  • I trust my intuition.

You are welcome to create and speak other, own, affirmations. The important thing is that you formulate each affirmation positively, in the present, and active. It’s also important to repeat them several times a day so that they unfold their full effect.

3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) Yoga

In addition to meditation, yoga is also an effective method for opening the 3rd eye chakra. In yoga, you can distinguish between Asanas (physical exercises) and Pranayama (breathing exercises).

Yoga is, in our opinion, even more beneficial for the brow chakra than meditation. This is because yoga has an (even) stronger focus on balancing and nurturing the connection between body and mind. This connection is, as we mentioned above, vital for the third eye chakra. 

When you use yoga purposefully to heal the chakras, you are usually focusing on the chakra’s physical location. You do poses that focus on this area of the body (root chakra – lower back, for example). 

This, however, isn’t the case with the 3rd eye chakra. Ajna is more about understanding your body as a whole, controlling it, and bringing it into harmony and peace with your mind. Therefore, all yoga poses are beneficial for your Ajna.

Here are some examples of yoga exercises you can do to cleanse your 3rd eye chakra:

  • Anjaneyasana – Crescent moon pose.
  • Balasana – Child’s posture.
  • Kapotasana – Pigeon pose.


The 3rd eye chakra is the 6th chakra of the 7 chakras. It’s located on your forehead and is symbolized by the color indigo, the element spirit, and by the values of inner peace, intuition, and connection between body and mind. 

In our opinion, Ajna is a synonym for the 3rd eye. According to religious, spiritual writings, it allows you to see paranormal things when open. It is also often linked to the pineal gland. Whether the 3rd eye ultimately exists or not is a question of faith that we don’t know how to answer.

Whether you believe in telepathy and other paranormal things or not: it’s quite reasonable that you care about the 3rd eye chakra. After all, you don’t have to believe in spiritual-religious things to benefit from the physical and mental advantages that come with it.

Similar to the concept of karma, we see the chakras, especially the third eye chakra, as a guide to self-love and self-care. In our opinion, it’s not a strict set of rules that you must follow to maintain your spiritual enlightenment, although it can be interpreted as such.

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Thank you for reading.

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