15 Tips for Positive Energy

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Staying positive is hard. Especially when you are surrounded by negative people.

We all have a bad day, but with a few simple tricks, you can knock negativity out of your life. It all starts in your head. A positive mindset is a decision. It is the mental ability to always concentrate on the positive aspects of every situation.

If you have problems attracting positive energy, this article is just right for you. In this article, we are going to show you 15 great ways how to create positive energy.

1.) Avoid Negativity

Life writes the strangest stories. Some of them are positive, some of them negative. What matters is how you react to such events. Successful people focus on the things they can change. You won’t be able to change past events, but you will be able to change the way you deal with them.

Do not act as a victim of negative events. Don’t give negative energy a chance to affect you. You always have a choice. Either you go the positive way, analyze how and why it came to that and work on solutions, or however, you go the negative way and get upset about it and waste valuable energy without really finding a solution.

Always consider what happens positively, even if it seems negative at first glance. Every situation can be seen positively and something positive can be derived from every negative event. For instance, you will learn from mistakes for the future.

No matter how angry it makes you and no matter how strong the urge is, do not give in to negative energy. If you lose your wallet, for example, you shouldn’t get upset about it. You can’t change the fact that it’s gone anyway. Focus on what you can change: Block your debit card and request new documents.

Another important aspect is that you learn how to mentally finish things. You made the best of the situation. So don’t talk about it anymore, unless it’s necessary. Even if you don’t notice it first and foremost, talking about negative events creates negative energy that drags you down.

2.) Don’t Talk About Your Problems on Any Occasion

Talk About Positive Things

Negative energy draws even more negativity into your life. We all need to release pressure, that’s right. However, the way you relieve pressure is important. Don’t make a habit of it.

Control yourself when and how you talk about your problems, diseases and things you are afraid of. Wailing will not only drag you down but also your friends and family.

Wailing doesn’t go down well with your fellow people on the one hand and is draining your energy on the other. Through the constant repetition of negative emotions and feelings, they manifest themselves in your head. That’s how you make a mountain out of a molehill.

People who complain a lot tend to inflate problems. That’s because of the way our subconscious works. The constant repetition and the fact that your mind cannot distinguish between imagination and reality reinforces negative thoughts.

So if you tell a problem to every friend and person you meet, it’s going to increase mentally. First, because you keep repeating it, and second because your mind can’t tell how serious the problem really is.

And even if you need to release pressure, watch how you formulate things. Purely negative statements only bring you down. So instead of saying “Damn, I lost my wallet“, say “I lost my wallet, but fortunately, my debit card is already blocked“.

Talking to your friends about your problems helps you to get a new perspective. A fresh pair of ears will not only help you to get a new perspective on your problem but also to work on the problem and find new solutions.

3.) Let Go of the Past

When it comes to creating positive energy, one thing is very important. The way you think about the past. You can’t change the past. Not a single mistake you’ve made can be corrected. More importantly, learn to forgive yourself and others.

Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Be aware that not a single reckless or unfriendly action comes from the heart. So if another person has caused you pain, be sure that at that time the person was not aware of the consequences and the damage they will cause.

Everything that happened in the past should stay there. Let go of all the negative experiences and conclude with them.

4.) Love Yourself

Love yourself the way you are.

In order to increase positive energy, you must first be at peace with yourself. It is always easier to look for mistakes. Don’t criticize yourself unnecessarily and don’t be too hard on yourself. Better ask yourself how much energy you spend looking for your qualities.

When was the last time you praised yourself? People who are full of positive energy are in love with themselves. They are able to find at least five positive aspects for each weakness they have.

Try it yourself. Every time you start to criticize yourself stop and try to make five appropriate compliments to yourself. If five is too many to start with, you can start with one or two.

5.) Control Your Mood

Don't let others control your mood

As soon as you criticize your fellows, you decide to put their weaknesses in the spotlight and concentrate on their mistakes. This way you give these people the control over your mood. Ask yourself why you’re upset about other people’s behavior.

Is the person worth it?

Is there even a single person in your life worth putting you in a bad mood?

Why are you giving up control of your mood?

Why do you let other people determine your happiness?

To live a life full of positive energy, you should change your perspective on this. Do not search for the mistakes as a negative person would, but try to recognize the positive aspects of the person. Find out what you value about this person and what this person is good at. Praise her or him for it.

6.) Be Thankful

Gratitude is an important source when it comes to attracting positive energy. Appreciate the positive things in life, no matter how insignificant they may seem. The small things make the difference.

Recognizing and appreciating the positive aspects of life can be a great way to attract positive energy. In this way, you can lift your mood and give yourself a mental boost.

If you are already grateful for the little things in life, you will find ways to put a smile on your fellow’s faces in no time. This way you can channel positive energy not only for yourself but also for your environment. Gratitude gives you the opportunity to bring positivity into your life. This is how you manifest yourself as a positive force in the lives of others.

Whenever you do good to others, you’ll feel better about yourself. Not only will your mood improve, you will also feel an increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Another positive aspect is the fact that doing good distracts you from your own challenges and problems.

7.) Say No

Time and energy are precious. We all have the same 24 hours a day. So don’t sacrifice yourself when you help others. Prioritize your well-being over your desire to help others. When others ask you to do something, make sure you are happy and enjoy it. If this is not the case, you should politely decline.

8.) Live Without Worrying

You have to think positive to attract positive energy. Every time something happens, people focus on everything that can go wrong. It’s a natural reaction of your subconscious. Our subconscious is programmed to protect us. It guides us mentally in a way that we imagine what can go wrong in order to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the situation.

People who go managed it to channel positive energy know how to play a trick on their subconscious. They concentrate on the things that happen in the best case. So that’s something you might consider as well. Focus on the best case, not the worst case. This way you make sure that you think solution-oriented, not problem-oriented.

9.) Laugh More Often

Smile More Often

This is a very important rule for creating positive energy. Try to laugh at every opportunity. Surround yourself with positive energy and people who make you laugh. It’s not for nothing that they say “laughter is the best medicine”.

Your laugh…

  • strengthens your immune system
  • lifts your mood
  • distract you from your problems
  • protects you from the harmful effects of stress
  • makes your fellow people laugh

Try to laugh as often as possible in daily life. Whether at work, at the gym or at home. Develop a routine to laugh or smile in various situations. Even a smile is enough to attract positive energy.

You can use priming to make yourself laugh more often.

10.) Be Present

As we have already explained, negative thoughts are poison for your happiness. So if you have problems turning negative thoughts off completely, you can try to ignore them in the first step. Do this by drawing your attention to other things and being present in the here and now. Let us tell you, though, that ignoring it is only a temporary solution.

Being present is very important, especially when you have problems turning off negative thoughts. It means being interested in what you’re doing right now. In other words, breaking out of the routine and experiencing certain moments more actively. This forces you to focus on the current thing you are doing.

If you consciously choose to be present in every moment, you will notice how the negative energy disappears from your life. Being present also means that you are not allowed to judge or interpret. Even if it’s hard for you at first, believe us, it’s worth it.

No interpretation also means that you cannot draw positive elements from everyday life. Therefore, this method is only suitable for the beginning to eliminate negative thoughts. After that, you should focus on how to get positive energy.

11.) Do Sports

Positive Energy - Do Sports

Similar to the above tip “Be present“, you can escape negative energy through sport. But with one small difference: Sporty success is creating positive energy. Especially in weightlifting, you see the actual influence you have on your body. It strengthens you and your self-confidence.

Sports also gives your mind a little time to work through problems.

Regardless of the physical benefits of exercising, sport has a positive effect on mental health. When you exercise, your body releases endorphin. Physical activity is also a great way to deal with stress and to relax. If you want to combine sport with mental relaxation, you should try Qigong.

12.) Celebrate Small Victories

Success is the ultimate tool to channel positive energy. When we reach our goals, we feel good. If you want to focus on how to attract positive energy, it may be a good idea to celebrate the small successes you have achieved.

The routines in everyday life are essential. No matter if you have made your bed every morning or reduced the number of coffees, celebrate your successes. On the way to optimize yourself, it is important to consistently make progress and celebrate your achievements.

Don’t see defeats as negative. For example, if you have forgotten to make your bed once, just remember how you didn’t for the other five or six days. No one is born a master.

13.) Take a Break

Exhaustion is the silent killer of positive energy. As we said before, we all have the same 24 hours a day. You can’t create your empire in one day. It is far more important that you optimize your daily routine and take regular breaks.

Find out what makes you feel good and learn to take a timeout, even in stressful phases. If you want to concentrate on how to bring positivity into your life, you should start with recovery. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour of Netflix, a walk or a short power nap. Take care of your mental health and take breaks regularly. This way you don’t give stress and negative energy a chance.

On top of that, you’re rewarding yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.

It is also important that you sleep enough and regularly. Give your body and mind the opportunity to recover and regain strength for the next day.

Studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation has a significant impact on your mental health. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that people who had less than 5 hours of sleep per night for a week felt much more stressed, angry, and sad.

14.) Keep a Diary

Positive Energy - Keep a Diary

Diaries are an effective way to deal with emotions. You can let your head run free and write down everything that comes to your mind. It also helps you to find out more about the reasons for bad energy. In this way, you can recognize the reasons for the negativity in your life and develop a plan for how you want to turn it off.

Also, diaries help you clear your head. You literally write your frustration off your soul stop thinking about it. Sometimes diaries are even better than talking to a friend because a diary doesn’t judge you. You can be yourself and don’t have to think about how you say things.

How you keep your diary is entirely up to you. You can write, paint, insert pictures or even create an audio biography. You choose the medium and the way you keep your diary.

Not only do you have a diary documenting your mistakes, you can also use it to remember positive things. Diaries are a great way to deal with negative thoughts and at the same time create positive energy.

15.) Keep Good Company

The last advice we’re going to give you is to watch your environment. Stress and negativity are contagious. The more you spend time with people who are negative or stressed, the more likely it will spill over onto you. The same applies to positive energy.

You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.

Your environment has a big influence on you and your well-being. So try to avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive energy.


You have to be and think positively to attract positive energy into your life. Your mental attitude to this topic is deciding whether you give in to the negative energy. You alone are in control of your mood, don’t forget that.

We have given you an effective toolbox on how to channel positive energy. Try the above methods in your everyday life. You can use them individually or in combination with each other. Control yourself how successfully you have performed each method and whether you have been able to maintain mental discipline.

Just as your subconscious has anchored negativity you can also program a positive way of thinking. It only requires diligence, discipline, and regularity. So use the methods several times a day.

Do yourself and others a favor and start developing positive energy today.


We know that was quite a lot of input. Therefore, we have created the following infographic for you, which summarizes the core statements of the 15 tips clearly.

Positive Energy 15 Tips EN Part 1
Positive Energy 15 Tips EN Part 2

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