13 Tips How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Life

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Energy surrounds us all, both positive and negative. It’s an integral part of your environment and your body. You control whether you radiate positive energy and whether you let negative energy influence you. How much you’re influenced by negative energy is up to you.

Your mind operates like a sponge. It absorbs energy and is shaped by what we see, hear and feel. Since people are part of your environment and radiate energy, they have a certain influence on you. You certainly know the following expression:

“You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.”

If your environment consists mainly of negative people you absorb their bad energy. If you don’t protect yourself against it you’ll also start developing toxic energy. At first you’ll only have negative thoughts but in the long run these will manifest and lead to more negativity.

Therefore, in order to be happy it is important to build up protection against this kind of energy.

In this article, we will explain what negative energy is, what signs you need to pay attention to and how you can get rid of it. If you want to learn how to develop a positive attitude read our detailed article on positive thinking.

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What Is Negative Energy?

Negative energy is the opposite of positive energy and arises from negative thoughts. It can be part of yourself, circulate in your body or in case of strong concentration even be present in your house or apartment for days.

Let’s define it more specifically by the following example. Do you know the situation when you have had a fight with someone and the conflict is still hanging “in the air”. That’s negative energy.

We receive energy from external sources and channels, store and transform it. There are countless things that are creating negative energy. Imagine your body as an energy receiver. We feel immediately when something is not normal, like the bad mood of another person for instance.

Examples of negative thoughts are envy, aggression, distrust, fear and hatred.

The fact that we perceive negativity as omnipresent is particularly problematic. It’s so deeply rooted in us that we think of it as “normal” and “close to reality” and even worse, we accept it.

Often we don’t even notice how much negativity there is in our spirit. If you have ever dealt with the law of attraction, you certainly know the rule: like attracts like.

Simply put, this means that if you don’t realize that you radiate negative energy you won’t be able to get rid of it. Even worse, you’ll attract them even more through the law of attraction.

Quiz: Symptoms of Negative Energy

In order to block negative energy, you have to learn to detect it in the first step. We have created a small checklist for you with different signs of negative energy.

Use it to find out in no time whether you tend to be a negative person or not.

  • Are you grateful for the things you have? No matter how insignificant they can be?
  • Are you attracted to drama and catastrophes?
  • Do you keep track of celebrities’ lives and watch the news regularly?
  • Do you complain? (No matter if regularly or just sometimes)
  • Do you like to discuss things that you think are unfair or illogical? (e.g. the weather, the economy, politics or public transport etc.)
  • Do you like to criticize other people? (No matter if regularly or just sometimes)
  • Do you blame other people? (No matter if regularly or just sometimes)
  • Do you feel like you have no control over your life?
  • Do you believe in fate?

How to Remove Negative Energy

If you answered any of the questions above with “Yes”, this is a sign that you have some negative energy in you. We at Mindmonia have prepared some tips on how to clear negative energy.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Friends

In order to be able to properly banish negative energy, you must first start with your environment. As you already know the people around you influence you in the way you develop your inner thoughts. To build long-term protection from negativity you must first get rid of all people with bad energy surrounding you.

Therefore, avoid people who:

  • Withdraw energy from you
  • Just complain or moan all the time
  • Don’t do you any good

Avoid negative people whenever possible. Even if someone complains only occasionally you take in their negativity. Try to surround yourself with positive people. If you don’t know where to find such people you can start on YouTube. Check out familiar YouTubers who talk about positive energy or join meetups for self-development.

Such a change takes time and won’t happen overnight. If you’re not feeling like banishing all negative people from your life right now here’s a simple trick to escape the negativity of everyday life:

Imagine you’re sitting in a cafe with an old friend and talk. In the middle of the conversation, your friend suddenly starts complaining about all possible things like: ‘“he stupid boss, the incompetent colleagues, the damn weather etc.”

In such a situation you can easily turn the tide by abruptly changing the topic of the conversation. Ask a question that encourages your friend to talk about positive things. You could ask for example “You were on holiday in Brazil last year, right? I’ve been thinking about visiting Rio de Janeiro for some time now.”

With such a question you give the conversation a new direction and force your friend to share positive feelings.

Tipp choose the right friends

Tip 2: Program Your Subconscious Mind

Unfortunately, it is often the case that these “energy vampires” do not consciously want to withdraw energy from you. Whining and moaning are actions that are controlled by the subconscious. People who moan constantly focus on the downside in every situation. This view has become so firmly established in these people’s subconscious that they no longer notice the constant whining.

The subconscious mind is like a machine that executes orders. Which command will be executed when, depends on how you programmed your subconscious. An example of such programming is: you hold your hand in front of your mouth when you have to yawn.

It’s not just the physical habits that you have programmed. Mental habits, how you think in certain situations, are also automatisms that are executed by the subconscious. Probably the best-known example of a mental habit is how you deal with defeats. Do you see it as a failure or as an opportunity to learn something new?

Become aware of the role of your subconscious and learn to use it to your advantage. Check out our article about Priming if you want to learn more.

Tip 3: Be Grateful

Be grateful, even for the “little things” you take for granted. You can choose what you want to eat, have constant access to fresh water and are healthy. These are things that are unfortunately not available to everyone.

Even in America, a developed country, the majority (60%) of people don’t have $1,000 to access in an emergency. Therefore, if you have $1,000 in your bank account you’re “richer” than 60% of the people living in the United States.

Tip 4: Boost Your Self-Confidence

Fear is a negative emotion that often results from a lack of self-confidence. With a strengthened self-confidence you don’t form many negative thoughts at all. That’s the case because your self-confidence automatically leverages fear, distrust and other (not all!) negative thoughts with a counter-reaction.

Positive affirmations can help you with that.

Tip 5: Be Yourself

Love yourself the way you are.

You’re unique, with your own strengths and weaknesses. No human being is like you. That’s why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Be satisfied with yourself and with your own performance.

Do things that make you happy the way they make you happy. Appreciate criticism only when it’s serious and meaningful. In most cases, however, you don’t need to listen to what others tell you. If you believe in something, everything is possible.

Don’t always pay attention to the well-being of others but focus on yourself. You can’t please everyone. Say No to others and Yes to yourself.

Man with Hat

Tip 6: Control Your Self-Talks

Listen to your inner monologues. The conversations you have with yourself have a significant influence on your thoughts. If you manage to listen and control your inner self-talk you can also control how you think in certain situations.

In the first step, however, you must learn to consciously pay attention to your inner monologues.

Whenever you notice that you’re developing negative thoughts or feeling bad energy, ask yourself: “Does this thought change anything?

For example, if you lie in bed with a fever and get upset about it, it will not magically make you heal. On the contrary, negativity takes away additional energy that your body desperately needs to fight the disease. In order to steer your inner self-talk in a positive direction focus on the things, you can actually change.

It’s the thoughts you believe in that rob your energy. When you’re able to doubt thoughts they dissolve into smoke and disappear from your mind. Just like the negativity.

Tip 7: Take Responsibility

You’re the key player in your life, so act like it. There is nothing in your life that you aren’t responsible for. When you go through the day with such an attitude, you’ll develop positive energy. The control that you’ll feel gives you an extra boost to your self-confidence and positive energy.

Even if something goes wrong: you’re responsible for it. Don’t shift the blame onto your friends, colleagues or ” external influences “. Even better: don’t blame anyone at all.

Tip 8: Force a Radical Change in Your Life

If you feel like you can’t do anything about your environment or you find it difficult to fight everyone alone, you can make a radical break.

Move to another city, end your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend or quit your job. Eliminate the disruptive factors in your life if they prevent you too much from being happy. You’re the most important person in your life and your personal happiness should always come first. If you don’t care about yourself being happy, why should others do?

It usually takes 90 days to change a lifestyle.

However, before pulling the ripcord, make sure you make a plan and consider whether you’re actually eliminating the right factors. If you move 300 kilometers away from your environment but keep in touch with your negative friends, you will not accomplish your goal of removing negative energy from your life.

Tip 9: Travel

Traveling is a good way to escape negativity and simply switch off. By a change of scenery, you not only escape the daily grind but can also, depending on your destination, broaden your horizons.

If you have problems being grateful for the things you have, you can travel to countries that do not have the same standard of living. In Eastern Europe or Asia, for example, you can often experience with your own eyes how people get by with much less money and still manage to be happy somehow.

Person on Mountain

Tip 10: Avoid Negative Topics in Conversations

Banish topics from your life that make you angry. Politics, history, religion and sport are common topics, which often turn into riots and disputes. If you notice that your interest in politics harms you because you get disproportionately upset about it, stop dealing with it.

Reduce the time you spend on social networks, political forums / websites and take care of other topics that interest you.

Tip 11: Do Sports

Sport is a powerful ally in your fight against negative energy. Make sure that you take the time to train 30 to 60 minutes a day. Whether you’re jogging or going to the gym, when you’re exercising, your brain shuts down and recovers.

Through physical activity, you shatter negative thoughts and feel good. Stress, aggression and other negative emotions dissolve into smoke after sport. In this case, you even develop positive energy because you have kept to your goal of doing sports every day.

Tip 12: Meditate

Meditation helps you control your thoughts better. In addition to an increased inner focus, you’ll also develop the ability to visualize things in your mind.

You’ll sharpen your attention and get faster into the state of mindfulness. In this state, you act as a neutral observer and can perceive things impartially, without the automatisms of the subconscious mind (judging, interpreting, contextualizing).

Mindfulness is the prerequisite to keep your self-talk (see above) better under control.

Wipe out your negative energies with that 417 HZ meditation music:

Tip 13: Stay in the Presence

As already mentioned: focus on the things you can actually influence. Many people tend to wallow in the past. Opening closed chapters doesn’t get you anywhere. It throws you back.

Everything that has happened in the past, is history. You can’t change it anymore. Learn to deal with mistakes from the past and to accept them. They are part of your journey and have brought you to where you are now.


Expelling negative energy from your life is not an easy task. Above all, it is the people around you who have the greatest influence on you. If you surround yourself with people who always see things negatively, your attitude will sooner or later become just as negative.

With these 13 tips, we have given you a tool with which you can fight negativity in your life. As so often, regularity is the key to success. Use our tips continuously in your everyday life to achieve a state with no more negative energy but don’t be knocked down if it takes a little longer. Such a change takes time.

How do you deal with negative energy? Let us know in the comments, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and thank you for reading.

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