7 Law of Attraction Tips: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

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You tried to manifest your wishes using the Law of Attraction but had no success? Don’t worry: With the right tips, you can learn how to utilize the Law of Attraction on your own in no time. 

It takes some preparation and patience, but it’s worth it. Not only will you make your goals and dreams come true, but you will also get to know yourself on an entirely new level.

This article will give you seven easy-to-use Law of Attraction tips and show you how you can use it to manifest your dreams and goals successfully.

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What’s the Law of Attraction?

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The law of attraction (also known as the law of resonance or resonance principle) states: Like attracts like.

Every living being on earth transmits an individual frequency. Feelings, life experiences, and your inner attitude determine the frequency you’ll be sending. This may sound implausible, but it’s a scientifically proven, physical, and universally applicable law.

You send energy into the world on your frequency and, like a magnet, attract other people or situations that are on the same frequency. If you think positively, you will resonate with other positive-thinking people. That also means that if you carry a lot of anger and other negative emotions, you’ll attract other angry and negative people.

You can use the law of resonance to everything: personal happiness, money, jobs, love, or material goods. 

To make it work, you have to do more than just think about all the things you want to have. Lifelong happiness and the love of your life won’t appear if you just think about it.

To use the law, you have to become active yourself. 

Law of Attraction Tips: With These 7 Methods You Can Use the Law of Attraction for Yourself

Here are our practical tips to help you turn your dreams into reality:

1. Direct Your Thoughts Through Priming

A person has an average of over 6,000 thoughts a day (source). 

Thinking is a habit that happens by itself. That is why most of the 6,000 thoughts mentioned above occur without you actively thinking. The thoughts arise unconsciously.

Your brain also unconsciously processes everything you perceive with your senses: smells, pictures, tastes, and words. This is called priming

Yet how is this related to the law of attraction? When you feel bad, you send negativity into your environment. Positive thoughts, on the other hand, send positive signals to the universe.

Actively thinking “I feel good” will draw more good feelings into your life.

Even if you only pretend to be happy or that you reached your goals, you will send signals that make these goals actually become reality. 

The more convinced you are, the better.

Not everyone finds it easy to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. As a start, try to rephrase them neutrally. 

Example: “I would love to run a marathon!”

  • Negative wording: “I am much too nonathletic, and I can’t manage it anyway.”
  • Neutral wording: “I will be fit enough to run a marathon.” 
  • Positive wording: “I’m going to run a marathon.”

Here you can find more information about priming.

2. Practice Gratitude

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The key to a positive mindset and the fulfillment of your dreams and goals is gratitude

When you feel that something is missing, you’ll dig deeper and find more and more shortages in your life. This can look different for every person: Some people feel a lack of happiness and positive experiences (“Why does this always happen to me?”), others complain about their financial situation (“If only I had more money.”), or urgently need someone to talk to (“I am so alone.”).

From a position of gratitude, you will develop positive thoughts that automatically become positive vibrations and signals.

One example of gratitude that you know for sure is compliments. When you compliment someone, it makes the person and you happy.

To practice gratitude, we recommend that you keep a gratitude diary.

Every day – preferably in the morning or evening – write down three to five things for which you are grateful. These can be little things like “I bought an ice cream” or important life areas like “I am grateful for my health“.

Write daily in your gratitude diary to internalize how much beauty you already have in your life. 

Your list could look like this, for example:

I’m grateful for:

  • My family.
  • My dog.
  • Fresh strawberries.
  • My work colleagues.
  • The smell of rain.
  • My yoga routine.

3. Use Affirmations

An affirmation is a powerful sentence that strengthens you in all areas of life. Pronounced daily, affirmations help you build self-confidence, and they make you feel better, more loved, or secure.

To use affirmations the right way, make sure that you formulate them in the present, active, and positive. You can find more information about positive affirmations here.

Here are some affirmations you can use:

  • I believe in myself.
  • I am valuable.
  • I am loved.
  • I can achieve everything I want.

You can use one or more affirmations. Build them into your morning or evening routine, repeat them in your thoughts in between, or speak them out loud in front of the mirror. 

4. Use Intuitive Writing (Journaling)

According to a study, less than 3 % of U.S. citizens write down their goals, and less than 1 % read them daily.

By putting your thoughts from your head on paper, they become more real. Thoughts can be forgotten or fade into the background. Treat the thoughts and wishes you want to manifest like an appointment that you would put on your calendar: Put them down on paper.

Write without judging. Do not read what you write.

Practice intuitive writing, ideally every day.

Not only will you create space for positive thoughts, but you will also get in touch with your intuition and your innermost desires and needs. 

5. Visualize Your Goals

Man driving car

Visualizing goals is a big part of the law of attraction. By doing so, you get in touch with your goals and get ready to reach them.

It’s not enough to wish yourself a “great car,” “wealth,” or “satisfaction.” The law of resonance does not know what a “great car” means to you. For some people, that means a brand new SUV, for others, a used car.

The more specific you get while visualizing, the better the law of attraction works.

Don’t just imagine yourself sitting in your new car or running the marathon, but feel it with all your heart. Imagine the interior of your dream car in detail, the colors, the smell, simply everything.

An exercise that can sharpen your visualization skills is to imagine an ideal day in your future dream life.

Here are some suggestions:

  • When do you wake up? Where? Is someone lying next to you? If so, who?
  • How do you feel when you get up?
  • What is your ideal morning routine? What do you eat for breakfast?
  • What clothes do you wear?
  • What is in your immediate environment? In which surroundings are you?
  • How and with whom do you spend your morning?
  • What do you eat for lunch? Do you cook yourself? What do you taste?

If writing is difficult for you or you are a visual person in general, why not illustrate your wishes and goals with a vision board?

6. Create a Vision Board

To create a vision board, you can make a collage or digitally create it as a Pinterest-Board or desktop background. However, the best way to get the most out of it is to put it somewhere in your home, offline. Non-digital visualizations work better because you can touch them.

It should contain pictures that correspond precisely to your future dream life and give you a good feeling and new drive when you look at them. Where you take these pictures from is secondary. It doesn’t matter if it’s excerpts from magazines and catalogs, printed photos from the internet, or pictures you took yourself: The main point is that they represent your goals visually. 

As with the other steps, Vision Boards work best when you look at them regularly. Put it in a place where you see it often. Use it during a visualization exercise or as an impulse to motivate yourself.

For detailed instructions on how to create a vision board, check out our article on Vision Boards.

7. Become Active

Coins and watch in background

This tip isn’t necessarily a tip per se, but rather a reminder of how the law of attraction works. It says that to achieve your goals and desires, you must become active.

In addition to visualizing and manifesting your goals and dreams, you need to work towards them to achieve them. That, however, is far from easy. Passivity, procrastination, or fears may prevent you from getting into action.

However, if you firmly believe and actively try to realize your wishes, the law will also become active.

Think about the first small step you need to take. 

Let’s assume you want your dream car. Your current leasing contract expires in 3 months, and until then, you want to have that new car.

Your goal: “I have my dream car [model] in [color] and with [equipment] in my garage by the [date].

Now think about it: what do you have to do to make that happen? You could for example:

  • Do some research online for the best model.
  • Visit a car dealership nearby.
  • Do a couple of test drives.

The smaller your steps, the easier it is to get started.

Take responsibility for your life, and don’t just let things happen. A reaction of the universe follows every action of yours.


As you can see from our tips above, the key to success is regularity. This is because you need to send consistent and long-term signals to the universe to get the appropriate response. 

A positive mindset is another essential element for successful manifestation. Reality begins in the mind: Your beliefs become thoughts, your thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become reality.

The tips above will help you to use the Law of Attraction.

It’s impossible to say in general terms when you will achieve the first results. For some people, the law works faster, for others, it works slower. As long as you keep at it with heart, patience, persistence, and a positive mindset, it ultimately will happen.

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Thank you for reading.

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