Do Positive Affirmations Work? (With 50 Examples)

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I am attractive. That’s what a positive affirmation sounds like. That may at first sound like a simple and empty sentence to you. However, if you repeat affirmations often enough, your subconscious will develop positive thoughts. This way you can get your daily dose of positivity.

Nowadays, positive affirmations are more popular than ever. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can quickly reach millions of people with just one click. Good sites are for example Daily Positive Affirmations (Instagram) or Positive Affirmations (Instagram)

But how is it possible that these beliefs have such an effect on our lives? It is proven that words alone can improve our physical and mental state of mind.

In the following article, we will explain what positive affirmations are, how they work in detail and how you can do daily affirmations to bring positive thoughts to life. You will learn to use these beliefs to make every life situation positive. At the end of this guide, you will find a list of examples.

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Positive Affirmations Believe In Yourself

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are much more than just feel good quotes. They are phrases, formulated in the language of our mind.

Affirmations are positive statements of faith, that influence our subconscious mind.

We use the language of the mind to communicate directly with our brain. Affirmations must be spoken out loud. They should also be repeated several times to encourage and strengthen the person who is speaking them.

Even if you have surely found some lists of strong or best affirmations on the Internet, they should be treated with caution. Most of them aren’t really affirmations at all. There are a few rules that these phrases must follow in order to be perceived as the language of the mind. Otherwise, you will be disappointed if these “affirmations” from the list you found do not work.

It turns out that our brain has very strict rules when it comes to communicating with the subconscious. To make your mind realize that you are talking to it, you must take the following three things into account when defining powerful affirmations:

  • Present Tense: Positive affirmations are written only in the present tense. Affirmations that begin with “I will” or “I was” cannot be registered as such by your mind.
  • Positive words: In order for an affirmation to work, it only has to be composed of positive words. It is proven to be more difficult for our minds to interpret negative words in a positive way. Why don’t you just say “I’m successful” instead of “I can’t fail”?
  • Facts and the truth: Your mind reacts only to facts and the truth. A “maybe” or “perhaps” won’t be seen as a positive affirmation by your mind. It is best to use absolute statements based on facts and truth.

In short, positive affirmations are phrases formulated in the language of your mind that enable us to communicate with our subconscious through the power of thoughts.

How Do Affirmations work?

After explaining what positive affirmations are, let’s talk about how they work.

In order to understand how they work, we first need to talk about how your brain communicates with you.

You should know in advance, though: Your brain is very complicated and complex. It transmits and receives information at the speed of light and is the main part of our central nervous system.

Because of the huge amount of information that our mind has to process every second, it takes in everything we say and think literally. The interpretation takes place afterwards.

Daily Affirmations: Literally and in the Present Tense

Your brain doesn’t work in the future or in the past. It always operates in the present tense. We cannot feel stimuli and emotions in the future or in the past. We can only remember or predict how we will feel.

In fact, your brain is so fast in the active state that as soon as we experience or feel something, it processes this information directly and sends it to our body so that we can prepare ourselves for it.

For example, if you think: “Oh, I’m going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant on Friday” your brain connects to your favorite restaurant exactly at THIS moment. So if you think of your favorite restaurant now, you will feel these positive emotions in the present, and not tomorrow.

This effect occurs regardless of the type of emotion we are talking about. Whether positive or negative. Your mind makes no distinction in this case. That’s also the reason why your mind can’t distinguish between reality and imagination.

Let’s take fear as an example. Since your brain also communicates in the present moment, it has de facto no time to decide whether the danger is real or not. It prepares our body in any case for the potential danger to which we are “exposed”.

In order to make positive affirmations work, it is important that they are always formulated in the present. That’s the best way our brains can process them. For example, if you say, “I get the job” before an interview, your brain will prepare you for success at that very moment. You will be more self-confident and happier to the outside and thus also increase your chances that you will actually get the job.

Positive Affirmations Work

Daily Affirmations: Positive and Supporting

Affirmations must always be formulated completely positive.

For example, instead of saying “I am not weak“, you simply say “I am strong” and you have already formulated the same statement positively.

This is because negative words, even if they are in a positive context, reinforce our negative emotions. Our mind does not interpret anything under “I am not lonely“. We hear the statement and may understand it, but our subconscious is different. It only hears the term “lonely” and thus activates the corresponding neuronal connections in our brain for this command. The result: We feel lonely.

Our brain takes orders and triggers certain reactions. Strictly speaking, this is its main function. Accept and answer information.

Interpreting takes longer for our brain than simply triggering reactions. So while it interprets that the command “I am not lonely” is not negative at all, it has already kicked off the command for sadness long ago.

Therefore, affirmations must be formulated completely positively. Otherwise, they won’t work, or in the worst case, they may even have the opposite effect.

Daily Affirmations: Facts and the Truth

You’re probably wondering right now:

Our brain is so powerful. It can do unbelievable things, but can’t tell the difference between “cry” and “don’t cry”?

Well, the reason for this is very simple: our world is full of information. It is the useless and subconscious information that forces your mind to take things literally.

Our brain helps us significantly not to get lost in this flood of information. Imagine if you had to consciously induce an active reaction to every stimulus you feel. That would be crazy.

Through this focus function, the mind is an enormous help. It filters the information that is important from the unimportant. Otherwise, we could no longer consciously focus on the really important things.

For example, when you drive around in your car, what do you consciously look at? The trees, the cars driving in front of you and the traffic lights. Possibly also the landscape, if it is unknown to you. But certainly not the bakeries, restaurants or gas stations, right? However, if you have to refuel your car, you suddenly notice the gas stations. This only happens because you consciously look after them.

This focus relieves us. Through this natural filtering function of our mind, we can complete complex thinking processes. Otherwise, we would already be totally occupied with routine tasks. The flood of information would overwhelm the conscious part of our brain and cause an over-stimulation.

Exactly this is the reason why affirmations must have a focus. Once they contain a “maybe” or “probably“, our mind will not classify them as important and sort them out. So really try to focus on facts and the truth, in order to make positive affirmations work.

Positive Affirmations Girl Mirror

Daily Affirmations: Repetition Is the Key to Success

Another essential component for powerful affirmations is repetition. By repeating the statements, we use the power of thought and inner conviction.

In the beginning, it may seem unnecessary to keep repeating the affirmations. Furthermore, we have just learned that if we formulate positive statements in the present tense, based on facts, that should be enough, shouldn’t it?

Not quite. Our brain works with the law of habit. So it’s up to your brain to get used to certain processes and procedures and to integrate the routine into your subconscious.

Our mind is designed to get us through the day efficiently. Every time we repeat a certain action, we get better. Our brain strengthens this connection between the subconscious and the conscious mind.

A good example of this is driving a car. In the beginning, you may have had trouble parking your car properly and had to actively concentrate on driving and traffic. Today, on the other hand, after you’ve gained enough driving experience, you don’t actively notice the traffic anymore.

This is exactly how our mind works with positive affirmations. We enter the subconscious and internalize the statement of the sentence until conviction.

Daily Affirmations: Say the Unpleasant

Especially with beginners, positive affirmations may feel like lies. For example, if you’re not happy with your current job, but keep repeating “I love my job“, it can make you feel uncomfortable.

This happens especially if you have not gained much experience with positive affirmations yet. Affirmations are powerful phrases for inner healing and not false statements or scam.

You may also be bothered by the fact that you are simply uncomfortable talking about this topic. When people hit a sore spot, such as a job or being overweight, they quickly tend to play down their problems. This phenomenon is also called cognitive dissonance. The same applies to positive affirmations.

I love my job” quickly becomes “I can earn more money” or “I can get a promotion“. And that’s completely normal. Nobody likes to talk about sensitive issues. People love comfort.

However, this is exactly where positive affirmations come in. We have to step out of our comfort zone and say things that make us uncomfortable. The lack of comfort and the corresponding inconvenience make the positive affirmations so powerful.

Not only do they work with the power of conviction, but also by making you take action because of an unpleasant state. So if you feel uncomfortable lying to yourself about a subject, you will quickly start to change things.

The affirmations must, therefore, start exactly where it hurts us the most.

Either you change your affirmation or your lifestyle, decide for yourself what makes more sense.

Positive Affirmations Work

How to Do Daily Affirmations?

Powerful affirmations are multifunctional. You can use them to develop positive thoughts for every day. They are universally suitable for every area of our lives. However, most people use them for the following topics:

  • Self-love
  • Positive energy
  • Career and work
  • Money and wealth
  • Fear and overcoming anxiety
  • Lose weight
  • Health
  • Love and partnership
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Success

Even though you have certainly found lots of lists of affirmations online, you may want to define your own and very personal daily affirmations. This can make sense if you want to test the effects of positive affirmations on your own examples, or if you need individual affirmations for unique life situations.

So if you want to define your own affirmations, there are some things you should consider. Of course, the points we have already mentioned above are very important: Present tense, positive words, and facts. In addition, there are some more rules of and suggestions that we would like to give you on your way.

Repeat Your Affirmations

That’s nothing new for you either, since we’ve already talked about it. It is important to repeat the affirmation as often as possible. There is no official formula for when and how often to repeat a positive affirmation.

Some people repeat them on every occasion, while others have fixed time slots and a fixed number of repetitions.

We recommend beginners to repeat them (no matter how often) three times a day (ideally morning, noon, evening) for about 5 minutes each time. If you have just a few daily affirmations to repeat, you will need less time.

Relevant Affirmations Are the Best

There are basically two types of positive affirmations. Long-term affirmations and situational affirmations. If it should happen that you should need situational affirmations, there is an important criterion, which you absolutely have to consider.

When defining your affirmation, always focus on the qualities that help you to achieve your goal and not on the goal itself.

So if you give an important sales presentation to potential customers, you want to generate as many new customers as possible. Which of your characteristics is the most conducive to this goal? Right, self-confidence, charm, and charisma. In this case, you can define the following two affirmations:

  • “I love myself” to boost self-confidence
  • I am charming and radiate charisma” to enhance your charm and charisma

And not something like:

  • “I’m gonna make a lot of sales”
  • I’m gonna generate a lot of customers”

Give Your Affirmation More Expression

There is a very good way to make your affirmation more powerful. Complete your speaking simply by touching the places where you feel the negativity. So when you say “I love my body“, touch your stomach or other problem areas of your body.

This has two main effects. First, we create a so-called “muscle memory” that will connect touch with thought. So this means that every time we touch this passage, we will think of the positive affirmation without speaking it out.

Secondly, we can internalize and absorb the affirmation faster because we use two senses, and not just one. Feeling strengthens hearing and accelerates the process of manifesting into the subconscious.

Positive Affirmations Self Confidence

50 Examples of Positive Affirmations for Every Situation

The following list of examples will give you an idea of what positive affirmations might look like. So that we can offer you the broadest possible assistance, we have listed examples from different areas of your life. Besides 20 general affirmations for more self-confidence and self-esteem, you will find another 10 for the respective areas of work and career, love and weight loss.

20 Examples of Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love and Self-Esteem

  1. I am the creator of my life at every moment
  2. I open myself to the beauty of life
  3. I open myself to my own beauty
  4. I face the challenges of my life
  5. I am the most important person in my life
  6. I am full of energy and life
  7. I respect and use my special skills, knowledge, and abilities
  8. I surround myself with things that reflect my energy
  9. I love myself unconditionally
  10. I pay attention to my thinking and consciously choose healthy thoughts
  11. I am free to love and enjoy life
  12. I am always in safety and security
  13. I am at peace with life
  14. I am what I think
  15. I love life and life loves me
  16. I am fully prepared for any situation
  17. I am proud of the person I am
  18. I have boundless self-confidence
  19. I deserve the best, and I am open to it
  20. I make the decision to make my life easy, simple and joyful

10 Examples of Powerful Affirmations for Work

  1. I love my job
  2. I have my dream job
  3. I am appreciated by my employees
  4. I am appreciated by my customers
  5. I love every day at work
  6. I am rewarded for my good work
  7. I love my salary
  8. I love my office
  9. I make simple decisions
  10. I am well prepared for my job

10 Examples of Powerful Affirmations for Love

  1. I am attractive
  2. I love the way I look
  3. I am able to have a healthy relationship full of love
  4. I love my partner
  5. I am a romantic person
  6. I am loved by my partner
  7. I am valued by my partner
  8. I am happy to have my partner
  9. I love from the bottom of my heart
  10. I am sexually alluring other people

10 Examples of Powerful Affirmation for Weight Loss

  1. I love my body
  2. I accept my appearance and my body
  3. I love the taste of fruits and fresh vegetables
  4. I love every single cell of my body
  5. I am full of love, hope and self-confidence
  6. I feel physically strong
  7. I lead a vital life
  8. I exude self-confidence
  9. I am respected by other people because of my body
  10. I am grateful for the life energy that flows through my body


Now we have learned a lot about positive energy and how affirmations affect our feelings. We have summarized the most important things about positive affirmations at a glance:

  • The best affirmations use the language of our mind and the power of thoughts to communicate with the mind.
  • Affirmations work with the inner conviction.
  • The most powerful daily affirmations must be written and spoken in the present tense because our brain communicates in the present and not in the past or the future.
  • The best affirmations must consist entirely of positive formulations since our mind executes commands first and interprets them afterward.
  • Affirmations must be based on facts since our mind has a natural focus and selection function.
  • Daily affirmations are reinforced by repetition and rely on the power of habit.
  • Positive affirmations force us to leave the comfort zone and change things.

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