7 Chakras for Beginners – The Complete Guide

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Energy surrounds us everywhere. Even the first civilizations of mankind knew this.

It haunts us in all epochs of our lives. In our everyday life, in our free time, when we feel good when we feel bad. Energy is the trigger for everything. Besides the environmental influence, there is also the energy within us.

These energy centers in the body are called chakras. There are 114 chakras, all with different points all over the body. They are mainly responsible for our internal exchange of energy. Yet, the following 7 main chakras are particularly important: Root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, 3rd eye chakra and the crown chakra.

The word chakra itself comes from the philosophical language of Hinduism, Sanskrit, and means wheel or discus. A chakra thus represents the inner driving force in our body. Each of these 7 chakras is in motion and drives us.

If you learn how to balance and align your 7 chakras, you will experience a positive effect on your body. In addition to emotional and spiritual balance, you will quickly notice the effect of energetic cleansing on your physical health.

With this guide, you will learn more about the 7 chakras, especially what they are and how to use and activate them to make the most of the energy they contain.

What Are Chakras? A Brief Overview

Now that we have given you a basic understanding of the 7 major chakras, let us talk about their meaning and impact on your life in detail. In the following sections of the guide, we will discuss the purpose and influence of the following chakras.

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Position of the seven chakras marked along the body

Chakras and Meanings: Symbols and Colors

Chakras symbolize an intense connection between your body and your mind. It has been proven that people who cultivate their chakras and live their lives in a spiritual way are happier and more successful.

Imagine an unencumbered and pure heart of a child, with the experiences of an adult.

Each chakra has its own symbol and color. The chakra colors are of special importance.

How to Open Your Chakras

It may sometimes happen that some blockages of your inner energy prevent a free energy flow through your body. In such cases, you should open your chakras. However, there is no universal way to perform such a chakra opening. Each chakra must be activated in a different way. More on this in the following chapters and in our article “Tips And Tricks To Heal Your Chakra”.

The 1st Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The root chakra, also called Muladhara, connects the body with its actual roots of this world, the earth. In a figurative sense, it stands for the primal drive of survival that is deeply rooted in everyone of us.

What Color Is the Root Chakra?


What Does the Root Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of the 1st chakra

What Is the Location of My Root Chakra?

The root chakra is located directly at the core of the spine.

Color of the 1st chakra

How Does a Balanced Root Chakra Feel Like?

You feel a sense of success and satisfaction for things like money and physical security. This is due to the fact that the urge to survive is nowadays mostly reflected in financial matters.

When Is My Root Chakra Overactive?

If your root chakra is overactive, you will generally appear more anxious. Even if there is no acute danger. You will feel fear and excitement on a daily basis. This feeling is expressed in different ways: financial fear for your existence, fear for your psychological well-being or even for your physical safety.

Fear has always been closely linked to the struggle for survival and can also have negative effects on physical health. If your root chakra is overactive, digestive problems or lower back pain may occur.

How to Balance the Root Chakra?

The easiest way to balance your root chakra is to take care of your financial and safety needs. As long as you take care of these things, your chakra will help you as an energy source to pursue your goals. The root chakra also becomes active when you reach your goal. It boosts the feeling of success afterward.

Through meditation and prayers you should maintain the natural connection with your soul and bring it into harmony with your body. Other options are voluntary work and all actions that divert the energy into the other chakras. Especially when your root chakra is overactive.

Learn more about meditation in our Complete Guide to Meditation.

When Is My Root Chakra Inactive?

If you have covered your primary needs sufficiently, your root chakra may become inactive. You can sense this if you’ve been daydreaming a lot lately or if you’ve been going through the day without any real goals in general. You often have the feeling that you are head over heels.

How to Open My Root Chakra?

Besides meditation and prayers, we recommend you to spend a little more time in the fresh air to open your Muladhara. As you have learned already, the root chakra symbolizes the connection between your body and the earth. Therefore it makes sense to refresh it a little. Why don’t you just stay out in nature? It will strengthen and stabilize your root chakra.

The 2nd Chakra: Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

The sacral chakra, also called Svadhisthana, is the key to your creativity, which is deep within every one of us. Besides creativity, it also stands for the pleasure of life. This chakra expresses itself after the work is done in taking the credit and enjoying your personal success.

What Color Is the Sacral Chakra?


What Does the Sacral Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of the 2nd chakra

What Is the Location of My Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is slightly below the belly button.

Color of the 2nd chakra

How Does a Balanced Sacral Chakra Feel Like?

You can enjoy all the great and pleasant things life has to offer without exaggerating them. Most of these desires include the appetite for sex, good food or other activities that are fun and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

When Is My Sacral Chakra Overactive?

The essential message of the sacral chakra is divided into two parts: Enjoy your life and honors for your work. But always keep in mind: Don’t overdo it though! As with any other chakra keeping the balance is crucial.

If you do not balance the sacral chakra it is often expressed in addiction or dependence. You can be sure that your sacral chakra is overactive when you no longer enjoy things you like to do.

How to Balance the Sacral Chakra?

Control your desire and your craving for pleasure. Ask yourself a few questions before you do anything. With these questions, you can control yourself better. One of these questions could be: “How will the following action affect me and my health? Is it really good for me to do the following?”  

When Is My Sacral Chakra Inactive?

The sacral chakra becomes inactive if you live life emotionless. If you work without enjoying the good things in life. The other extreme, so to speak. An inactive Svadhisthana manifests itself physically in depression, impotence and other health problems.

How to Open My Sacral Chakra?

The connection to your sacral chakra is rarely disturbed. However, if it is blocked, it is usually particularly intense. We recommend a special meditation with which you can purify your sacral chakra.

Actually, maintaining your sacral chakra is relatively easy – enjoy your life! But always keep the balance between work and pleasure.

The 3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Manipura, or solar plexus chakra, figuratively stands for self-confidence, your personal self-consciousness and all the power and energy that lies deep inside of you. The solar plexus chakra strengthens our intuition. When we listen to our gut feeling, we actually trust our Manipura.

What Color Is the Solar Plexus Chakra?


What Does the Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of the 3rd chakra

What Is the Location of My Solar Plexus Chakra?

It starts at the belly button and extends high up to the sternum.

Color of the 3rd chakra

How Does a Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra Feel Like?

By acting self-confident you will feel wise and capable of making decisions. Furthermore, this chakra mainly supports you in forming personal opinions and values on certain topics. When your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will feel the control you have over your life.

When Is My Solar Plexus Chakra Overactive?

As mentioned above: When your Manipura chakra is balanced, you feel, among other things, the control you have over your own life. However, if it takes possession of other people, your solar plexus chakra is way too active.

People with an overactive solar plexus chakra are more likely to experience an unhealthy level of ambition and control. From a health perspective, this imbalance manifests itself in problems and complaints in the appendix, liver or pancreas.

How to Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra?

Do not compare yourself with others. Avoid interfering too actively in the lives of other people and see yourself as an emotional and good-hearted person. Aligning your solar plexus chakra may also be seen as a balancing act between a healthy social life and your own self-confidence.

When Is My Solar Plexus Chakra Inactive?

If your solar plexus chakra is overactive it will spread to your environment. If it is inactive however, you will feel anxiety, insecurity, and indecisiveness. You feel weak and vulnerable, like a victim of external circumstances.

You feel a certain negative energy surrounding you because you think you don’t have your life under control. You just don’t feel like you’re the one who makes the decisions in your life. This can happen when a third person takes control of your life. Even if it’s not real, you will start imagining it.

How to Open My Solar Plexus Chakra?

Breakthrough the mental structures to your subconscious mind. Remember the things you’re good at. But don’t place yourself above or below other people. Avoid comparison at all. Focus on your own talents and abilities.

This strengthens your self-confidence and your Manipura in one. Also, consciously observe things that have previously been routine. Be more aware of your surroundings, because this way you will start recognizing the power and control you actually have.

The 4th Chakra: Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The heart chakra is the “healer” for our remaining chakras. It connects the 7 chakras and ensures a fluent exchange of chakra energy.  The Anahata chakra can be seen as a connector or bridge between our spiritual, psychic and physical self.

Anahata means unharmed and stands for all the good qualities that make us human: Love, compassion, and kindness. The heart chakra is also the reason why we associate the heart with love.

What Color Is the Heart Chakra?


What Does the Heart Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of the 4th chakra

What Is the Location of My Heart Chakra?

Slightly above the heart.

Color of the 4th chakra

How Does a Balanced Heart Chakra Feel Like?

You feel pure and balanced love for yourself and for your family and friends. Even after negative events. The balance is intact and you have a strong empathy for your environment.

When Is My Heart Chakra Overactive?

When your heart chakra is overactive, you act self-sacrificing in many ways. You’d do anything in the name of love and compassion. No matter how positive or negative this may be for yourself.

This lapse in boundaries can go all the way to absolute self-exploitation or even self-destruction. In terms of health, this hyperfunction manifests itself above all in problems in the heart, blood circulation, and respiration.

How to Balance the Heart Chakra?

Always treat yourself and your fellow people in a balanced momentum of love. Balance the needs of others with your own.

Self-love can also express itself in things you like to do. Just prepare your favorite food or treat yourself with a relaxing meditation. Show yourself, even if only unconsciously, that you love yourself and that you care about your own interests.

When Is My Heart Chakra Inactive?

You realize that your heart chakra is blocked when you find yourself in a state of emotional coldness. Apart from a lack of love, this blockage can go to such a degree that you can completely isolate yourself from your environment on an emotional level and no longer develop any feelings or ties to your fellow people.

How to Open My Heart Chakra?

Open to your feelings. Connect your mind to your soul. Don’t make the mistake of building a wall around your feelings. This protects you from further pain, but in the long run, it endangers the connection between your mind and soul.

You can find more tips and tricks on how to open your heart chakra here.

The 5th Chakra: Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The throat chakra represents the way we communicate with the world around us. It connects and unites all areas of our communication. This includes self-expression, i.e. how we appear to people from the outside, our speech-brain and the physical way of expression.

As the source of communication, the throat chakra stands above all for the uniqueness of each person. How we speak, what words we use and our posture as we speak. All these things are influenced by the throat chakra.

Vishuddha is not limited to speaking itself, but also includes singing, dancing and any other kind of individuality, expression, and art.

What Color Is the Throat Chakra?


What Does the Throat Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of the fifth chakra

What Is the Location of My Throat Chakra?

In the neck area, on the larynx.

Color of the 5th chakra

How Does a Balanced Throat Chakra Feel Like?

A balanced throat chakra fills your words with love, compassion, and wisdom. You will not only be truthful at all times but also feel more creative and generally more free in your way of expressing yourself. More extroverted, so to speak.

Once your throat chakra is balanced, it is easier for you to engage in certain conversations and find appropriate words for each situation.

When Is My Throat Chakra Overactive?

The communication with your outside world is disturbed. For example, you won’t notice that you always want to dominate the conversations, or that you’re the only person who speaks. It also happens more often that you try to overtone other people in conversations.

These characteristics are considered negative by your fellow people and quickly bring you the status of a “plonker”. The main health problems are a sore throat and shoulder pain.

How to Balance the Throat Chakra?

Stand back in the conversations and let other people speak. Don’t push yourself into conversations. Be aware that the things you want to say are appropriate in the situation. Also, think of the way you want to say it and whether it corresponds to a good and polite tone.

In addition, be careful not to disappear completely from the conversations. This may be understood by other people as disinterested or even introverted. Try to keep your balance.

When Is My Throat Chakra Inactive?

Your Vishuddha will be blocked if you have been ignored or not taken seriously in the past. These mental barriers occur mainly between the ages of 16 and 21. The blockade itself causes total insecurity and fear of rejection, which is why you will be very careful to engage in conversations.

How to Open My Throat Chakra?

You can open your throat chakra in different ways. If you want to heal your throat chakra deeply, you have to look back into your past. What could be the reason for the blockade? Are you dissatisfied with something? Are you denying or hiding a negative event from the past?

Work in daily routines. Ask yourself things like: “Why am I hiding from the truth? Does that change anything?” Another way to open the throat chakra can be rhetorical training. By strengthening your natural self-expression, you will stabilize your throat chakra at the same time.

The 6th Chakra: 3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna)

The 3rd eye chakra, or just “the third eye shows you the world outside of the five senses. The 3rd eye chakra is the purest connection between your soul and body that you can reach.

The 3rd eye provides a clear inner view and is the source of our intuition and psyche. If you manage to open and balance all the lower chakras, the 3rd eye chakra is the gateway to a higher dimension.

What Color Is the 3rd Eye Chakra?


What Does the 3rd Eye Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of 6th chakra

What Is the Location of My 3rd Eye Chakra?

Slightly below the forehead – Between the eyebrows.

Color of 6th chakra

How Does a Balanced 3rd Eye Chakra Feel Like?

One of the final stages of your spiritual journey. It is the most beautiful state a person can reach. You feel in harmony with the physical and spiritual world. When the third eye is activated, you will perceive supernatural things.

A divine consciousness and an expanded psychic ability such as clairvoyance, telepathy and access to higher intuitions are some of the indicators of an open 3rd eye.

When Is My 3rd Eye Chakra Overactive?

It is very unlikely that your Ajna will be overactive. If this is the case, the additional information you receive through the third eye will be perceived as too much or overwhelming.

This flood of information cannot be processed sufficiently by our mind and has a negative effect on your health.

How to Balance the 3rd Eye Chakra?

Obviously, you can also meditate on this chakra, and use certain oils or stones as support.

However, it is most important to be aware of your spiritual power, to reveal the true potential of an opened 3rd eye.

Important: Never let it go to your head. You are still a human being and not a god. Regardless of whether you have an active 3rd eye chakra or not.

When Is My 3rd Eye Chakra Inactive?

In most cases, it is due to our society that people close themselves to their spiritual destiny. You realize that your Ajna chakra is inactive when you can’t feel your spiritual connection at all or only very weakly.

However, this is very rare as the underlying 5 chakras must be activated and in balance for this stage of spirituality to be reached in the first place.

How to Open My 3rd Eye Chakra?

The 3rd eye chakra can only be opened with a lot of practice. It is the most difficult to open compared to the 5 underlying chakras. You must concentrate completely on your surroundings and set your perception of meditation to an absolute maximum. A visualization of a dream trip can also be helpful here.

The 7th Chakra: Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is the divine light of all chakras and stands for an ultimate final state. It connects our body to the universe through a widespread energy field. This final state stands for maximum wisdom and knowledge.

The crown chakra reaches further than the third eye chakra and can be seen as a transcendent identity of spiritual enlightenment. It is by far the most complex to explain and requires a certain basic attitude to the mystical and inexplicable to understand it.

What Color Is the Crown Chakra?

White and purple.

What Does the Crown Chakra Symbol Look Like?

Symbol of the 7th chakra

What Is the Location of My Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra is slightly above your head.

Color of the 7th chakra

How Does a Balanced Crown Chakra Feel Like?

The crown chakra provides a profound and mystical connection of the human with the godlike state. It also stands for enlightenment and divine love.

Balancing the crown chakra is not an easy task and only a few manage to achieve this state.

When Is My Crown Chakra Overactive?

This is not possible because the universe has an infinite amount of energy.

How to Balance the Crown Chakra?

Since overreaction is not possible, there are no ways to balance the excess energy.

When Is My Crown Chakra Inactive?

Your Sahasrara is inactive as long as your other 6 chakras are inactive or overactive. If your crown chakra is inactive, it means that you are a human being and not a godlike creature.

How to Open My Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra can be achieved by opening and balancing the other 6 chakras. So you should concentrate on them first.

The crown chakra is the last step towards absolute spirituality. To achieve this, it takes a personal attitude to devote one’s life to spirituality and wisdom and to prepare the body and mind for entry into the cosmos.


We hope you were able to get a little enthusiastic about spirituality and the 7 chakras. However, it is important to mention that the respective chakras can’t be opened that easily. There are no mechanical openings in our body. Instead, you have to open this chakra in your conscious mind.

The perception and a pronounced attention for the unconscious are the right way towards balance. Note, however, that the chakras have a deep bond with each other, which is most intense with the adjacent chakras.

Due to the rotation of the chakras as they are activated, they interlock in their radius. So to be in harmony with yourself, you have to take care of all 7 chakras.


Since this is a very complicated subject, we have put together the most common questions about chakras for you. If your question is not covered, feel free to post it in the comments at any time. We will take care of it as soon as possible.

What Is Kundalini?

Kundalini is also called snake power and is an important part of the energy system in our body. The Kundalini energy starts at the root chakra and ends at the crown chakra.

You can imagine the Kundalini force as a kind of energy rod that coordinates and holds together the 7 chakras along your spine. However, it is unclear which things promote an activation of the Kundalini power.

What Effect Does a Chakra Bracelet Have?

That depends on many things. As a beginner we would not necessarily recommend you to buy such equipment. More important is the mental attitude to spirituality and whether you are ready to embark on this journey.

Basically, chakra bracelets can have different effects, since each chakra stone has individual modes of action and healing powers. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about chakra bracelets.

How Many Chakras Are There?

It’s hard to say. Some say seven, some several hundred thousand. 114 chakras is a number that one hears more often than others. But as a beginner, you should concentrate on the 7 major chakras anyway.


To finish off, we have created an infographic chart to show you the 7 chakras at a glance:

Infographic that contains all 7 chakras

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