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The story behind Mindmonia

Why We Started Mindmonia

Picture of the cemetery

The Graveyard Experience

Picture of the cemetery

In 2017, we couldn’t go home for Christmas, so we decided to spend some days in New Orleans. There is a famous cemetery that we wanted to visit. 

Walking around tombstones, it seemed to be inevitable to have a conversation about life. We figured, that many people don’t live their dream lifes and feel unfulfilled. 

Why is there no platform that explains in an understandable and simple way, how you can live a mindful and happy life? 

The idea for Mindmonia was born.

Mind and Harmonia

Mindful and relaxed person

Mindmonia is the combination of the words mind + Harmonia. Harmonia is a Greek god, like Nike or Hermes and represents harmony and concord.

Exactly what Mindmonia represents. Harmony in your mind through mindfulness across all subjects of life.

With Mindmonia, we want to help you to becoming the best version of yourself by making complex topics easy to understand and by giving actionable tips for your everyday life.

Easy to understand. No fluff. No esotericism.

Mindful and relaxed person

Who We Are




In 2018 I visited 13 countries and 11 U.S. states. Being constantly on the move is a lot of fun but also challenging. It’s difficult to calm down and just enjoy the moment. Truth be told, I got to a point where everything was too much for me. I then started meditating, which was a real game changer to me. Being more mindful about my thoughts and feelings, I discovered spirituality as a subject. Combined with what I already know about health and success, I’m now dedicated to bringing those pillars together with mindfulness as the base.


I used to be a very negative person. The tiniest thing was enough to infuriate me. As a young man full of temperament, I decided to change something. Today I believe that positive thinking is the key to success. By meditating regularly, I keep negativity away from me and give my mind the care it deserves. I have also let Qi Gong into my life and I don’t regret it for a second. The mental transformation I went through was hard and far from easy. That’s why I want to help people make the most of themselves and realize their full potential.

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